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Her sister got killed, but Little Bee managed to escape to the United Kingdom. Sixteen-year-old Little Bee is a deeply ironic character. In her, the extremes of hope and horror live side-by-side. With every breath, she embraces life…while also waiting for death to find her, as it found her family and most of the people in her village. Most readers find her very sympathetic and loveable.

Yet, except for kind folks like Sarah and Charlie, this great girl is unwanted in England just because she's an immigrant. Even worse, she's wanted dead in her own country, Nigeria, because she witnessed the atro cities committed by the oil companies who are turning her former village into an oil field. Andrew O'Rourke. Andrew is Sarah's husband. He forms the emotional centre of the novel, holding the adult characters together, and is a study in the early formation of identity. Lawrence Osborne. She has an affair with him, and her husband Andrew discovers.

After Andrews death, they keep in touch. Lawrence can not cope with Charlie. The theme of this novel. Cleave is not a political writer, but he wants to give attention to the asy lum-seekers are treated in Britain.

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The novel also deals with the issue of globalisation. Marriage is a important theme in this novel, too. The author. He explained: "I got talking with some of them and said why are you here? Why are you in prison? It's not illegal and yet we concentrate them in these places. The conditions are appalling.

I was shocked enough for that to be the end of my light comedy book of my amusing summers working as a labourer.

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After being detained in an immigration centre for four years, officials decided to forcibly deport Bravo and his son back to Angola the next morning. During the night, Bravo committed suicide, aware that his son, who was still a minor, could not be deported unaccompanied. Cleave felt compelled to write about the "dirty secret" that is the British immigration system, and to do so in such a way as to showcase the "unexpected humour" of the refugees wherever possible, in order to make the book "an enjoyable and compelling read" for his audience.

Personal experience. I really liked this novel, because it catches you from the beginning. After the plot is revealed, the book was less interesting because the are less flashbacks and the questions about the meeting between Sarah and Little Bee at the Nigerian beach are already answered. My opinion and reading experience of the novel. I think this is a good novel. It is politically engaged, but it does not give you this feeling because the characters are very realistic and it is written in a novel-like style.

What is the setting of the book? The book is set in Kensington-upon-Thames, in London. The other part of the story -mainly flashbacks- take place on a beach in Nigeria, the Niger Delta. What important elements are there in the book? Trust and marriage are important in this novel.

The Other Hand

Individuality too, because Sarah has to choose between fighting for her life or for Little Bee's. What is the point of view?

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This book is a duel-narrative story. One half is written from Little Bee's point of few, the other half is written from Sarah's perspective. This changes every chapter. Do I like the characters? I liked Little Bee a lot, because she is hardworking and willing to adapt to circumstances. I think I like Sarah too, but she acts a bit strange. She is hurt by the death of her husband, which made her though.

Is the presentation of the people and the events in the book realistic? Yes, it is. It was a free holiday, and that's why they ended up in a warzone. Profound, deeply moving and yet light in touch, it explores the nature of loss, hope, love and identity with atrocity its backdrop. Read it and think deeply.

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This exquisitely written story of a Nigerian refugee and a British glossy magazine editor is the most powerful novel I've read in a long time. But the heart of the book is Little Bee; naive yet insightful and sophisticated, damaged yet capable of great courage and humour, she is an unforgettable character. Just read it. Visit the Chris Cleave author page. Added to basket. The Handmaid's Tale. Margaret Atwood. Past Tense. Lee Child. Kate Atkinson. Andrew Miller. Conversations with Friends. Sally Rooney. Agent Running in the Field. Nine Perfect Strangers.

Liane Moriarty. In a House of Lies. Ian Rankin. An American Marriage. Tayari Jones. The Secret Hours. Santa Montefiore. Love is Blind. William Boyd. I Owe You One. Sophie Kinsella. The Labyrinth of the Spirits. A pound coin can go wherever it thinks it will be safest. It can cross deserts and oceans and leave the sound of gunfire and the bitter smell of burning thatch behind. When it feels warm and secure it will turn around and smile at you, the way my big sister Nkiruka used to smile at the men in our village in the short summer after she was a girl but before she was really a woman, and certainly before the evening my mother took her to a quiet place for a serious talk.

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Of course a pound coin can be serious too. It can disguise itself as power, or property, and there is nothing more serious when you are a girl who has neither. You must try to catch the pound, and trap it in your pocket, so that it cannot reach a safe country unless it takes you with it. But a pound has all the tricks of a sorcerer. When pursued I have seen it shed its tail like a lizard so that you are left holding only pence. And when you finally go to seize it, the British pound can perform the greatest magic of all, and this is to transform itself into not one, but two, identical green American dollar bills.

Your fingers will close on empty air, I am telling you.

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