A Dream Come True - One womans story of motherhood against the odds

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No one told me I would experience any of this—raising my voice in a tone I've never heard before and then feeling incredibly isolated and ashamed because of it. There are times when I don't even recognize myself after having yelled relentlessly at my kids. It's shameful, embarrassing and humiliating but not yelling is really hard to do sometimes. I grew up in a home where my dad struggled with anger. He yelled often and I repeatedly told myself I never wanted to be that for my kids, and yet here we are. In the last year, I have tried to focus my response to my kids in high tense moments.

I have been in therapy and have read books and used tools to help me in those fuming moments of anger. I've been inspired by Instagram and have done some noyell challenges and have prayerfully and intentionally focused on my emotional response to my kids. Every single time we get in the car the kids fight over where they are going to sit, so I started telling them where they would be sitting before we even got out the door in hopes that it would help. In some ways it has helped, but not yesterday.

We were running out the door to preschool and I said, "You are behind mommy. You are the middle. You are in the back. The neighbors were staring at me. I got the other two buckled and calmly told him, "You can get in the car yourself or I will pick you up and put you in. It is your choice. I picked him up and tried to buckle him, but couldn't. He screamed and kicked and fought. I could feel my anxiety creeping in and wanted it all to stop. Why is it this hard to get in the car? For me, I have had to practice deep breathing and even removing myself in these moments of irrational tantrums.

My son was angry and continued to kick and scream, as I tried to get him buckled. I finally told him, "I'm going to hold your legs down until you calm your body down because you're hurting me when you kick and I need to get you buckled. This was at least 10 minutes in and I somehow managed to stay calm the entire time. The old me would have responded so much differently.

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There would have been yelling and lots of tears from him and me; and probably a panic attack too because, for me, anxiety and fear go hand in hand. Someone told me once: "Motherhood is molding us into incredible human beings. It's not just us who are molding our children. And sometimes ALL the ugly needs to come out so we can confront what needs to change. It's okay. Forgive yourself, apologize to them, tell them you love them, and next time try better and do better. Sometimes we have to walk through hard seasons as moms so we can really grow and change.

I feel like this is that season for me.

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No one talks about mom anger , the rage and all the feelings that accompany it. There is so much shame and guilt in being a mom who is working on her emotional response to her kids in high tense moments. However, we often find strength in the valley. We learn and grow and become better people because of our struggles and how we choose to overcome them. I have been in the valley of mom anger for a while, but there is such a huge reward in seeing how I am changing and growing. I am becoming a mom who can emotionally respond to her kids without yelling, and I am proud of that. Do I still struggle?

Yes, but I am overcoming one day a time. Before giving birth 15 weeks ago, I knew breastfeeding would be challenging, but nothing could have prepared me for the sheer amount of time, stamina and dedication that it takes to feed my son. After a few painful weeks of trial and error on both our parts, I eventually came to cherish this intense bonding experience. As my mat leave dwindled to an end and it came time to leave my cozy little cocoon of newborn bliss, I had to start pumping so that my husband and other loved ones could help care for my son while I transitioned back to work.

When I unpacked the box to my hospital-grade pump and set it up for the first time, I found myself completely overwhelmed once again, just like I was with breastfeeding at the hospital. The process of being confined to an area by cords with bottles dangling from my breasts and the loud drilling of the machine felt so foreign to me—in fact, it was downright archaic.

My baby would start wailing in the next room and I had to disconnect everything, careful not to spill a single drop, only to start over again. My breaking point came when I was watching The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu and the main character, June Osborne aka Offred , was being held as a prisoner in a room to pump breast milk, which was collected and brought to her daughter in the nursery. The irony was not lost on me.

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I knew there had to be a better way. That's when I decided to try Willow, the first wireless, all-in-one smart breast pump that works quietly inside your bra. The innovative design allows you to pump from anywhere, even while lying dow n! Thanks to its one-way valve, milk can only go in, not out, so you can easily bend over or hold your baby without worrying about spillage.

It's so compact that you can tote it in your diaper bag without needing a separate one just for pumping.

Son makes mother’s prom dream come true

Willow syncs to a mobile app that tracks your milk production in real time and stores the history of past pumping sessions. My husband, who has been incredibly supportive throughout my feeding journey, placed the order one day when I wasn't looking. He reasoned that nourishing our son was difficult enough, and it was worth trying to see if it would make my life that much easier. During my pregnancy, I was unaware that you can pay for Willow with an FSA or HSA account, and it also may be fully or partially covered by your insurance company. You can learn more about coverage here.

The first time that I left the house with my Willow on, I felt utterly victorious. Not chained to my sad little chair at home. When I reached my aunt's house for a get-together, I specifically didn't say anything to my relatives to see if they would notice. I held my breath but no one seemed to pick up on the sound though to be fair, it was noisy with all of the happy chatter going on. Sure, I looked a little like a Fembot from Austin Powers but an exaggerated bustline was a small price to pay for freedom. It took a few tries to get the hang of using Willow from start to finish, but here's how it works:.

Tip 1: To prevent air from getting into the bag, make sure you wear a full-coverage nursing bra that has a flap to keep the pump pressed securely against your breast no underwire or padding. One of the most unique features of the Willow is that it senses let-down and automatically transitions to expression mode based on your body's milk production so you aren't forced to wait a preset amount of time.

It uses different sounds to indicate which "phase" you're in—initiation of suction loud and slow , stimulation short and quick and then expression slow and quiet. Willow automatically pauses after 25 minutes of continuous pumping. The only downside is that you have to reach into your bra to push the play button from the device to resume or to adjust the amount of suction.

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You can't currently do it from the app itself. Tip 2: When double pumping, get to stimulation with one pump before putting on the second. After you break latch, there will still be a little milk left in the flange tunnel, which is totally normal. To empty it into the milk bag, you need to "flip to finish," which involves rotating the pump, tilting it away from you until you hear a gulping sound, and then flipping it over completely once you hear a loud slurp.

Tip 3: Take advantage of Willow's free personal coaching program to get any questions that you have answered via text or even video conference. You might also like:. My husband and I fought our way through infertility for six years. We went through multiple procedures and tests to do what seemed to come so easily to others. Those that have been through that journey know the mixed emotions it can bring. You go from anger, to sadness, to hopelessness, and back to hopeful all in the matter of a few weeks.

When we finally found out we were pregnant, I immediately focused on preparing for this miracle baby. I read all the books I could get my hands on. I downloaded so many pregnancy apps. I was completely prepared, or so I thought, to bring a new life into this world. The first time I heard my son cry, was truly one of the more magical moments in my life.

The first time I held him I felt all the bitterness that infertility had created in my heart just melted away.

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Those first few days went by like a dream. The baby was doing well, I was adjusting to motherhood, and all the cards were just falling into place. Then I had a moment when it suddenly hit: Motherhood is just plain hard. My son had a lactose intolerance problem that did not surface until he was about 6 weeks old. He would scream a few hours after each feeding. I was exhausted. He would have days of excessive spit-up to the point where I had to change both of our clothes several times a day.

I felt like I was not allowed to complain. This is what I wanted after all these years, wasn't it? This guilt comes and goes in waves. We were "one of the lucky ones" to have been blessed to have won the battle against infertility. Let me be the one to tell you: Mama, it is okay to have those feelings. Motherhood is hard.

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And also know you are not alone in the feeling. For me, these were the things that helped me overcome everything that came with going through infertility. You are allowed to vocalize how hard this actually is. Just because you endured a longer road to get here does not take away the fact of the pressure of being a mother. You are responsible for raising a person. This is a lot of pressure for anyone to be under. You are allowed to wish that someone had truly warned you about the immense love you would feel from the moment you heard their first cry and the immense amount of frustration when they are crying non-stop for the third night in a row.

You are allowed to grieve for those that are still fighting this battle. Those women need you to still be there for them. When his parents divorced, the realisation hit that there were many shortcomings in the system when it came to helping single parents. Talk is cheap. You can be a keyboard warrior or you can engage with the system.

Aqilah Mazlan, 19, who is from Perak is studying for a degree in electronic engineering at Multimedia University. She will be specialising in nano-technology. Growing up, she recalls listening to her engineer brothers talk about the industry and she was intrigued. For Sylvester Krishnan Tarel, 20, the scholarship was a dream come true as his mother suddenly became the sole breadwinner of the family when his father passed away last year from a heart attack.

Information Systems student Athira Zuhaira Ahmad Yusri, 19, who has started her studies at Sunway University, said she hopes to achieve her dreams of becoming a data scientist. The year-old lass is grateful for the chance to study medicine at Quest International University Perak. Yee, who started her course in May, is enjoying her studies despite having to be away from her family in Kuala Lumpur.

Theebathacaiyani said she was ecstatic when she found out she was a recipient to continue her Bachelor of Social Science in Psychology at Tunku Abdul Rahman University College. The fund is divided into two tiers. Tier One scholarships are awarded by Star Media Group Berhad while Tier Two scholarships are sponsored by local educational institutions. The funds 25th anniversary was marked with a delicious 10kg fruit cake covered in fondant icing.

Recapping the lengthy partnership, Ng said the synergy has been fruitful, adding that he was keen to collaborate further in other areas.

A Dream Come True - One womans story of motherhood against the odds A Dream Come True - One womans story of motherhood against the odds
A Dream Come True - One womans story of motherhood against the odds A Dream Come True - One womans story of motherhood against the odds
A Dream Come True - One womans story of motherhood against the odds A Dream Come True - One womans story of motherhood against the odds
A Dream Come True - One womans story of motherhood against the odds A Dream Come True - One womans story of motherhood against the odds
A Dream Come True - One womans story of motherhood against the odds A Dream Come True - One womans story of motherhood against the odds
A Dream Come True - One womans story of motherhood against the odds A Dream Come True - One womans story of motherhood against the odds
A Dream Come True - One womans story of motherhood against the odds A Dream Come True - One womans story of motherhood against the odds
A Dream Come True - One womans story of motherhood against the odds A Dream Come True - One womans story of motherhood against the odds
A Dream Come True - One womans story of motherhood against the odds

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