A Woman Scorned (Rapid Reads)

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So, as I was scrawling down the screen I noticed there was a list of automatic replies that were installed on it that you could send as a message if you were too busy to compose a text. How sweet, I thought, sarcastically. I love you. To his bank manager. His solicitor.

His work colleagues. Religious leaders! Before long he returned and took the phone, but not before I had a sneaky look at the replies that were coming in thick and fast. It was priceless. And oh how I laughed. Postscript: I know he sometimes reads this column, so now the mystery is finally solved of why so many of his contacts suddenly expressed their undying devotion.

And why some others promptly blocked him! By Frances Burscough October is one of the most fashion-conscious months of the year. Paris Fashion Week is just coming to an end, hot on the heels of New York, London and Milan, and so almost every day there's a The language level is appropriate and the book includes a contemp George Hamilton Nash, a Vancouver councilor, is found dead and police initially rule the death a suicide; Sebastian Casey, a city hall and police beat reporter, is unconvinced and sets out to investigate.

The language level is appropriate and the book includes a contemporary Canadian setting and adult themes, all necessary elements for this niche market. My problem with the book is that Casey seems more like a police investigator than a reporter. Casey emerges as the true investigator and provides the police with crucial information.

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It is doubtful that an investigation into a death, especially that of a prominent community leader, would be conducted so shoddily. There is an attempt to provide the reader with more than one possible guilty party. In fact, so many characters are introduced that readers may have difficulty remembering them all. Several people have motives, but the identity of the murderer can be quite easily surmised because of rather obvious clues.

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I found myself becoming frustrated because of what is missing in the book. He also seems insufficiently affected by something Emma tells him she has done. Since this book is intended more as a mystery, perhaps it might have been best to omit this romance interest since it really does not add much to the book as a whole.

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What I did enjoy is the references to the politics of Vancouver city council. There are references to urban farming, the Olympic Village financial crisis, and the Falun Gong protests outside the Chinese consulate — all actual topics discussed at Vancouver city council meetings. This book needs to be approached as a fast read. It lacks the character development I look for in a book, but it fulfills a need — providing interesting reading for adults wanting to improve their literacy skills.

Note: I received a copy of this book from the publisher via the LibraryThing Early Reviewers program. Oct 25, Jeanne love2cook rated it liked it.

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This is an advance reading copy received from Library Thing. I liked this story. Sebastian Casey is a reporter with the West End Clarion, and is assigned to cover the Vancouver city council. When the wealthy council member, George Hamilton Nash is found dead in his new posh condo with a suicide note beside his body. The police are inclined to believe it's a case of suicide.

However, Casey is not so sure. He decides to investigate, and discovers plenty of suspects. He relates to Detective Inspector Plank what he has found and with the forensic evidence supporting his theory Plank changes his mind and now believes it to be a homicide. Casey digs deeper to figure out who is the killer. Dec 15, Barb rated it liked it. This book is part of the "Rapid Reads" collection and it is that at only pages. I found it an enjoyable mystery. It takes place in Vancouver, BC. As I am from BC it is always fun to read a book that takes place in areas that I am familiar with.

I would recommend this book if you are looking for a light, fast read with some local flavour. I received a free copy of this book from the LibraryThing's early reviewers program in exchange for an unbiased review.

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Nov 22, Brian Williams rated it really liked it. This is a well-crafted murder mystery short story. It's fast paced, with a straight-forward "just the facts" style that appealed to me. The protagonist is an interesting guy, a newspaper reporter for a weekly paper, nothing fancy -- he even takes the bus everywhere he goes because he doesn't own a car.

There's a funny scene involving a security guard.

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A secondary story about the protagonist and his girlfriend adds another dimension to the story. Highly recommended! Gwen rated it liked it Sep 19, Caroline Locklear rated it liked it Oct 20, Eddy Galle rated it liked it Oct 13, Susan Earle rated it it was ok Jul 14, Jean Turner rated it liked it Jan 24, Sherry rated it liked it Apr 30, Sam rated it liked it Jan 30, Mike added it Dec 15, Abby marked it as to-read Dec 31, Patrice marked it as to-read Jul 19, Maha marked it as to-read Aug 22, Maha added it Aug 24,

A Woman Scorned (Rapid Reads) A Woman Scorned (Rapid Reads)
A Woman Scorned (Rapid Reads) A Woman Scorned (Rapid Reads)
A Woman Scorned (Rapid Reads) A Woman Scorned (Rapid Reads)
A Woman Scorned (Rapid Reads) A Woman Scorned (Rapid Reads)
A Woman Scorned (Rapid Reads) A Woman Scorned (Rapid Reads)
A Woman Scorned (Rapid Reads) A Woman Scorned (Rapid Reads)
A Woman Scorned (Rapid Reads) A Woman Scorned (Rapid Reads)

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