The Traveler: In the Beginning

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My parents took me everywhere! I even was in Machu Picchu when I was only 3 months old. My family climbed all the way up carrying me on the back.

Journey TM[Blind Let's play] - The Traveler[Demo Version]: The Beginning

That was my very first big trip. The first time I traveled somewhere far from home. And maybe that was when this passion began. The purpose of this Travel blog is to share my adventures with everyone and show people the way I see the world through my pictures and stories. Things that, hopefully, will make your next trip more interesting and help you save a lot of money. The content of this website will include tips and recommendations about where to travel and what to do when you are visiting a new place.

First Blog Post! The beginning of an adventure. - The Traveler's Life Blog

Also tips on how to save money before and while you are traveling. For example: how, when, and where is it better to book a flight, train or bus. Also how to decide whether to stay in a hotel, and where to book it, or to book a room with Airbnb. I also love to take pictures and tell stories with them. Almost every photo will be for sale. This is how the payment process works:. So if you like a picture, feel free to buy it.

That would help me a lot :. Please feel free to comment on the blog posts and leave your comments and feedback. That would be great! If you subscribe, you should look into your spam folder, sometimes the confirmation Email lands there, sorry. That would be awesome! I hope you guys enjoy this blog and make the most of it. My goal is to inspire people to travel more, more and more! You just have to take a little step and be ready to experience amazing things. The Traveler's default attire is The Red Robe. The Red Robe starts with no scarf , and its scarf's size and magic capacity increase with every Glowing Symbol collected by the player.

The White Robe starts with a longer scarf than the Red Robe's original scarf and, unlike the Red Robe's scarf, the White Robe's regenerates its power over time. One primary ability of The Traveler is that of chirping. This can be done by pushing the circle button. The war had only been brought to a standstill with the Shadow dominion controlling the south and east territories while the Republic controls the north and west territories. However, rumors have spread that the Dominion is gaining more and more land by the day as the republic is pushed back to its capital Narzabren. The leader of the Dominions force is Vladimir, a dragon of relentless brutality whose prowess in battle is only matched by Chang Izon.

Despite the wars ongoing terror, one Dragoness still holds on to hope, her name is Sun Miabell, a beautiful teal dragoness of only 20 years of age. She knows i. Rift didn't want to bring an entire species to an end but he knew that he had no choice in the matter, if he wanted to save Cherry Jubilee he had to do it. Shortly after that Rift entered the lower deck and entered the laboratory, he grabbed several ingredients off of selves and began to mix them together.

The poison he was creating was known as Arachnids Bane, known to kill all arachnids in a terrible way by shutting down their bodily functions thus killing them. Rift was about half way through on making the poison when Gax came down to the laboratory. For a while she didn't move a muscle, then her eyes lids started to move.

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Her green eyes slowly becoming visible as her vision went from blurry to clear. Where am I? She wanted to call out to Rift, but she knew that would only draw their attention to her and away from whatever they were doing. The best she could do right now would be to wait for him to save her. Suddenly, a thought crossed her mind, she had jumped into a grandfather clock that was bigger on the inside with a pony she knew absolutely nothing about. Although he said he was not an earth pony but a Time Lord from Gallifrey in a regenerated form, other than that his entire history was shrouded in mystery.

She knew that surly there had to be something more to him then just some time traveling pony in a c. Once there Gax contacted the authorities. They told him they would be sending a squad soon to help deal with the situation. Rift was far from calmly waiting for the authorities. He paced back and forth in the management building. Rift sighed, seeing no point in continuing the argument.

The Beginning

He instead walked over to one of the windows and looked to the sky. His mind reflected back to the Time War on Gallifrey and all the friends he had lost during his time fighting in it. Among those that he lost was his family who had been killed duri. The Traveller: The Spiders of Zeta 3 Chapter 5 Chapter 5: the mines Gax had lead the others to the entrance of a mine that was no longer used. Carefully he removed the wooden planks blocking the entrance. He pulled out his Sonic Wrench and pointed it at the mine.

Immediately the tip end of the wrench illuminated and shined light on the dark mine. Once they were inside the mine they began to look in all directions for anything out of the ordinary. Rift's attention was more on his Sonic Wrench then the mine "what are you doing Rift" ask Cherry Jubilee. Cherry looked in awe at the skyscrapers of the metropolis, even Manehattan didn't compare to size and height of these buildings. While she looked at the building's, Rift and Gax were bust chatting as they walked "you seem to know a lot about our race Rift almost like you've been here before" Gax said "well I have, in a way, but as I recall your kind gets their resources form the Zet Stone mines" asked Rift "you'd be correct my friend the Zet stones are incredibly durable, able to withstand tremendous amounts of pressure and force so much in fact that you have to mine around the stones in order to extract them from the mines" he said "I understand you use the stones to help build the buildings around here with the Zetatanium" added Rift "of course the stones are wielded into the Zetatanium so that the metal will last for centuries" said Gax.

Eventually the group c. In a moment the screen showed the beach's of Zeta 3. Cherry Jubilee looked in awe at the new world see was on.

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In most respects it seemed so similar to Equestria. The atmosphere was very rich in oxygen as the scanners on the control Console. Meanwhile Rift was busy fiddling with the controls on the console when he looked up at Cherry Jubilee and smiled.

The Traveler: In the Beginning The Traveler: In the Beginning
The Traveler: In the Beginning The Traveler: In the Beginning
The Traveler: In the Beginning The Traveler: In the Beginning
The Traveler: In the Beginning The Traveler: In the Beginning
The Traveler: In the Beginning The Traveler: In the Beginning
The Traveler: In the Beginning The Traveler: In the Beginning

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